• Circaid Juxtafit Essentials Compression Wrap – Upper Leg w/ Knee

    The CircAid JuxtaFit Essentials Standard Upper Legging is an easily adjustable product for upper leg dynamic compression. It can be adjusted to four (4) different inelastic compression levels from 10-20 mmHg to 40+ mmHg. The patient adjusts the compression level using the built-in pressure system (BPS). The product is designed for both active and sedentary use, and can be safely won both day and night. This garment provides leg coverage from the groin to below the knee. The product comes in six (6) sizes and three (3) lengths. The garment has the Silvertec lining, which prevents odor, static and the propagation of bacteria. Each package contains: 1 – Pair of footless thigh high under sleeves, 1 – PAC (Power Added Compression) Band, 1 – Black Comfort Cover-up, and the Built-in Pressure System guide card to verify the application of prescribed compression levels. In order to obtain full leg coverage, this product can be paired with the JuxtaFit Essentials Standard Lower Legging and the JuxtaFit Premium Ankle Foot Wrap.


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