• Sigvaris Coolflex Standard Calf Wrap

    The Sigvaris Coolflex Standard Calf Wrap is an inelastic compression garment for managing lymphedema, Chronic Venous Disease, and edema. The garment has an adjustable gradient compression of 20-30 or 30-40mmHg, and features a metal clasp closure for strength and durability. The EZClose Pressure System’s eight tabs that makes donning and doffing the garment quite simple. The product comes in two lengths and five sizes, including “max” sizing for patients with small ankles and large calves. This product can be combined with the CompreBoot and the CompreBoot LITE. The product package includes: 1 – CoolFLEX NF and a pair of Basic Liners, and is available in beige or black.


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