• Juzo Dynamic Cotton Sock for Men (3520, 3521 & 3522)

    Juzo Dynamic Men’s Cotton Sock has a great combination of the features in a very high quality and durable compression stocking for men.  Made in USA from 42% polyamid, 39% cotton, and 19% elastane.

    • Larger Foot Portion: The foot on the new Dynamic Cotton is longer and wider to accommodate bigger feet.
    • Cotton with Durability: Juzo’s unique weave puts the cotton on the inside as a lining, so you have the soft, breathable natural fibers next to you skin, and durable nylon fibers on the outside.
    • 2 Lengths: Problems with length are the #1 complaint with ready-to-wear compression stockings.  Measure from the floor to the bend of you knee, and check the size chart.
    • Wider Ribbing: Contemporary ribbing looks great with a suit or pair of jeans.

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