“Medi. I feel better.”
Medi’s company slogan, “I feel better”, is a promise that becomes a reality with Medi. Medi is committed to helping people all around the world live a more independent, productive and satisfying life while managing circulatory and lymphatic issues. Medi takes its position as global leader in medical compression seriously by investing in research, education and innovation. By providing the latest technologies in compression therapy we enable our patients to not only manage their disease, but to enjoy life to its fullest.

  • Medi Donning Gloves

    Medi donning gloves are made with textured fingers and palms to make the donning process much easier. They also protect your stockings from runs and snags. We recommend the medium size for women, and the large for men.

    • Gloves may be pink or yellow (the design is the same)
    Note: this product does contain natural rubber latex.
  • CircAid UnderSleeve Knee High Leg Liner

    CircAid UnderSleeve Liners are designed to be worn directly against the skin under compression garments for additional comfort. They are one size fits most. The liner is footless and available in two different fabrics, cotton and silver. The silver coated nylon blend acts as a natural antimicrobial. The UnderSleeve can fit up to an 80cm wide calf, and the product is sold as a pair. This product does not provide therapeutic compression.

  • CircAid Comfort Cotton Sock Liner

    The CircAid Comfort Cotton Sock Liner is available in two (2) lengths: Knee high and Thigh high. The cotton – Terry liners are extra thick and can be worn against the skin under a compression garment for support and comfort. The product does not provide therapeutic compression. The product fits a leg up to 91cm in circumference and is sold as a pair.

  • Circaid Undersleeve Whole Leg Liner (Thigh)

    CircAid’s UnderSleeve Thigh High Leg Liners are worn under CircAid compression garments for additional comfort and support. These machine washable liners are soft and comfortable against the skin. CircAid Undersleeve liners don’t provide any compression.

    This footless style is available in two different fabrics. A cotton/lycra blend, and a cotton/lycra/silver coated nylon blend. Silver is naturally antimicrobial. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus that can cause infection and odors. Both fabrics are latex free.

    • Designed to fit under compression garments for additional comfort
    • Footless thigh high style, available in two different fabrics, latex free
    • UnderSleeve Liners do not provide any compression
    • Wearable Day or Night
    • Machine Washable
    • One Size Fits Most
    • Sold as a pair
    • Cotton/Lycra: maximum limb circumference of 79 cm
    • Cotton/Lycra/Silver: maximum limb circumference of 71 cm
  • MediCare Washing Solution 16oz

    Medi Wash is specially designed to extend the life of your compression garments. It’s organic, biodegradable and can be used for hand or machine washing. By properly cleaning your compression garments daily, the compression fibers so crucial to maintaining the prescribed pressure are restored and the life of the garment is extended.

    Note: MediCare only qualifies for free shipping when purchased with stockings. If you wish to purchase ONLY MediCare, please choose a UPS shipping option.  We cannot ship Medicare outside the US via the US Postal Service.  All international orders must choose a UPS shipping option.

    • Hand or machine wash
    • Organic
    • Biodegradable
  • Medi Comfort Sculpt 15-20mmHg Leggings

    The mediven comfort sculpt is a footless compression legging designed for all lifestyles. Its integrated tummy shaper sculpts the waist while the graduated compression profile works to support circulation and reduce leg pain.

    Available in versatile colors perfect for everyday wear, the mediven comfort sculpt can make work, travel, or a casual day at home more enjoyable.


    • Supports circulation and reduces leg pain
    • Opaque materials in fashionable, classic colors
    • Integrated tummy shaper sculpts waist and supports lower back
    • Full ankle coverage


    Medical compression leggings should only be worn after consulting with a doctor and under a doctor’s supervision. Compression stockings should not be worn by individuals with:

    • Severe arterial insufficiency
    • Decompensated heart diseases
    • Acute phase dermatitis
    • Acute skin infections
    • Wet dermatitis


    • Tired, achy legs
    • Occupational swelling or evening edema
    • Leg discomfort from long hours of standing or sitting
    • Prevent varicose veins and swelling during pregnancy
    • Prevent medical issues for those with risk of vein health issues
    • Reduce swelling during travel
    • Prevent DVT during travel


    Brand: Mediven
    Compression: 15-20 mmHg
    Style: Leggings
    Series: Comfort Sculpt
    Fabric Content: Nylon 52%, Polyester 25%, Spandex 23%

    I 7 – 7.8 11 – 14 16.5 – 22.5
    II 8 – 8.8 11.8 – 15.3 17.8 – 24.3
    III 9 – 9.8 12.8 – 16.5 19.3 – 26.3
    IV 10 – 10.8 13.8 – 17.8 20.3 – 28.8
    V 11 – 11.8 14.5 – 19 22 – 31
    VI 12 – 13 15.5 – 20.3 22.8 – 33.3
    VII 13.3 – 14.3 16.3 – 21.5 25.5 – 34.5

    Leg Length:

    Standard: 28″ – 34″ (71 – 86.5 cm)
    Petite: 23″ – 28″ (58.5 – 71 cm)

  • CircAid Silver UnderSleeve Thigh High Leg Liner – Extra Wide

    The CircAid Silver Extra wide UnderSleeve Thigh High Leg Liner is worn against the skin under compression garments to protect the skin and provide added comfort. This is a thigh liner to protect the skin and it does not provide any compression. The product comes in cotton and silver, with the silver/nylon blend being naturally antimicrobial. The product is sold as a pair.

  • Medi Big Butler

    The Mediven Big Donning Butler has a 6 inch opening and is designed to accommodate large legs and wide calf stockings.

    Stretch the stocking over the central metal frame almost to the heel.  Make sure the heel of the stocking is toward the back of the butler pointing towards you.  From a secure sitting position step into the stocking until your foot is on the floor then gently pull the butler up by the handles.  Don’t over stretch the stocking.  Remove the butler and pull the stocking up your leg with your hands and into position.

  • Medi Arm Butler

    The Medi Arm Butler makes donning a compression sleeve easier.

    • Slide the sleeve over the rounded metal cage
    • Turn the butler on it’s side and hook it over the edge of a table
    • Slide your arm into the sleeve.

    Illustrated instructions are included. Medi recommends the use of donning gloves to make the process easier.

    Available in 1 size. The regular size has a 4″ wide opening. To make sure this will work for you, measure the circumference at the largest part of your arm.  If the largest circumference is 31 cm or larger, this will not be a comfortable option for you.

  • Medi Plus Thigh High – No Silicone Band

    Medi Plus thigh highs are made from soft and comfortable Medi-Silk yarns, which provide for easier application and wearing comfort. The opaque fabric conceals blemishes, varicose veins, and scarring. This thigh high does not have silicone top-band, so a garter belt or skin glue will need to be used to keep it in place. Available in regular and petite lengths with an open toe. Mediven combines advanced computer knitting with 14 sizes to give you a close to custom fit.

    Open toe only
    Available with and without a silicone top-band
    Regular and petite lengths
    40-50mmHg should only be worn when specifically prescribed by your doctor

    This stocking provides 40-50mmHg of gradient compression, and is used to treat severe edema (swelling), and severe varicosities. Woven from 63% nylon and 37% spandex in the USA.

  • CirCaid JuxtaFit Premium Lower Legging

    The CircAid JuxtaFit Premium Lower Legging is an easily adjustable dynamic oppression garment for the treatment of lymphedema. The product provides adjustable inelastic compression for 20-30 mmHg to 50+ mmHg with its Built -in Pressure System (BPS). The Juxta-Lock Band System allows for easy adjustment without removing the garment. The product can be worn both day and night, and has a life span of up to two (2) years when properly cared for. The product comes in eight (8) sizes and two (2) lengths, and works great with elastic stockings as part of a complete compression system. The product has Silvertec lining, which prevents static, odor and the propagation of bacteria. The product package contains: 1 – JuxtaFit Premium Compression Legging, 1 – Pair of Comfort Compression Anklets, 1 – Pair of footless Comfort Silver Leg Liners, 1 – Black Comfort Cover-up, 1 – PAC (Power Added Compression) Band, and 1 – Built-in Pressure System guide card. In order to obtain full leg coverage. This product can be paired with the JuxtaFit Premium ankle Foot Wrap and the JuxtaFit Essentials Standard Upper Legging.

    Product Video

  • Circaid Comfort Silver Sock Liner

    The CircAid Comfort Silver Sock Liner is available in two (2) lengths: Knee high and Thigh high. The product contains silver, which is a natural antimicrobial, and is designed to be worn under compression garments. The product is latex free and does not provide therapeutic compression. The liner fits a leg up to 71cm in circumference. This product is sold as a pair.


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