Sometimes the most difficult part of needing to wear compression stockings is getting them on and off. Body Works has a variety of donning and doffing aids to help simplify this process.

  • Doffer

    Doffer (2)

  • Juzo Donning Gloves

    Latex free Juzo donning gloves make donning compression stockings much easier. They also protect the stocking from runs and snags.
    Juzo donning gloves are made from 57% nylon and 43% nitrile.
    Latex free
    Sold in pairs
    Available in 4 sizes


    Juzo Donning Gloves

  • Medi Donning Gloves

    Medi donning gloves are made with textured fingers and palms to make the donning process much easier. They also protect your stockings from runs and snags. We recommend the medium size for women, and the large for men.

    • Gloves may be pink or yellow (the design is the same)
    Note: this product does contain natural rubber latex.
  • Juzo Slippie – Easy Pad


    This is a replacement pad for the Juzo Slippie Gator. This large rectangular pad provides a sticky, gripping surface that helps you get your stockings over your feet and up your leg. Using a toe-heel pushing method, you can work the heel of the garment in place on your foot.

    This pad can also be used to help get arm garments on as well. Pushing against the gripping pad helps move fabric up your arm.

    Approximately 14″ x 8-1/2″ (1/4″ thick). The Slippie Gator is sold separately.

  • Juzo Slippie Gator Set

    The Juzo Slippie Gator helps you put on and take off compression stockings. It includes one Easy Pad for positioning the foot so it won’t slip, and one slip aid to help you slide the garment into place and remove it.

    Works with both open and closed toe stockings.

  • Medi Big Butler

    The Mediven Big Donning Butler has a 6 inch opening and is designed to accommodate large legs and wide calf stockings.

    Stretch the stocking over the central metal frame almost to the heel.  Make sure the heel of the stocking is toward the back of the butler pointing towards you.  From a secure sitting position step into the stocking until your foot is on the floor then gently pull the butler up by the handles.  Don’t over stretch the stocking.  Remove the butler and pull the stocking up your leg with your hands and into position.

  • Medi Arm Butler

    The Medi Arm Butler makes donning a compression sleeve easier.

    • Slide the sleeve over the rounded metal cage
    • Turn the butler on it’s side and hook it over the edge of a table
    • Slide your arm into the sleeve.

    Illustrated instructions are included. Medi recommends the use of donning gloves to make the process easier.

    Available in 1 size. The regular size has a 4″ wide opening. To make sure this will work for you, measure the circumference at the largest part of your arm.  If the largest circumference is 31 cm or larger, this will not be a comfortable option for you.

  • Medi Panty Butler

    Stocking donning butlers are designed for individuals who have difficulty bending at the waist. The support stocking is stretched over the center frame, and then you step into the stocking. The double butler is specifically designed for putting on pantyhose. Both legs can be stretched over the 2 center frames at the same time. From a sitting position, step into the pantyhose until your feet are on the floor, gently pull up on the handles, working the hose up your leg to the point where you can reach them with your hands.

    NOTE: This item only ships within the Continental United States

  • Arion – Easy Slide Arm

    The Arion Easy-Slide makes putting on your arm sleeve on a breeze. Just slide the sleeve over your arm pull on the sleeve and pull out the Easy-Slide. It’s easy to use easy to transport and washable.
    Medium – 21.75 inches long
    Large – 24.75 inches long

  • Juzo Slippie Gator – Sleeve

    The Slippie Gator is a useful tool to help you put on your compression knee highs. It works with both open and closed toe stockings.

    This is the nylon sleeve only, and does not include the Gator pad.

  • Alps Fitting Lotion

    Smooth silky lotion that aids in the application of compression garments. Made with 100% silicone, ALPS Fitting Lotion imparts a smooth silky feel to skin that is chapped and dry. The silicone formula serves as a skin conditioner to protect sensitive skin. When used before putting on stockings, it helps prevent snags, and facilitates donning of compression garments. Leaves no oily feeling, and contains no perfumes or dyes.
    Juzo ALPS 100% Silicone based Fitting Lotion with Skin Conditioner. Smooth, silky lotion that aids in the application of your compression garment. Highly recommended!

    100% Silicone Based
    Ideal for sensitive skin
    Leaves skin smooth and silky
    No greasy residue
    No odor
    No dyes
    No perfumes
    Helps your compression garments go on and come off easier
    This is a non-returnable item


    Alps Fitting Lotion


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