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  • Jobst Farrow Hybrid ADI WIDE Stockings (20-30mmHg)

    The Farrow Hybrid AD I WIDE Stockings provide 20-30mmHg compression below the ankle and foot only. The product can be used as a as a substitute for the FarrowWarp Footpiece and liner. This product works well with the FarrowWrap Legpiece and fits a maximum calf circumference of 60cm. The Hybrid AD I WIDE is for Mid-Foot Size: 28 – 35 cm. For regular or smaller mid-foot size, purchase the Hybrid AD I product. The stockings are sold in pairs (black or beige), and come in four (4) sizes.

  • Juzo Full Foot Wrap Liner – 6083

    The Juzo Wrap Liner is a full foot, high comfort liner intended to be worn under the Juzo Calf Compression Wrap. The seamless toe liner offers 15-18 mmHg compression in the foot and has a cushioned sole to provide extra comfort.

  • Prairie Wear HuggerPrima Bra

    Post-Surgical & Active Recovery Bra and Binder in one.

    Compression:  High to Medium


    • Seamless Weave, Wire-Free Technology
    • Versatile Breast Form Pockets
    • Front Lock-Zip
    • Targeted, Mapped Compression
    • Comfortable & Breathable – 24/7 Wearability
    • Easy Care – machine wash & tumble dry
    • Body Friendly
    • Antibacterial & Durable

    Developed with Surgeons and Technical Design Experts to create a body friendly, effective, durable and affordable compression bra and binder in one.

    Feel Better. Get Better.

    Find your body friendly size using Your Fit Chart.  If your fit is a 3XL, please order the 2XL HuggerPRIMA with a L HuggerEXTENDER.

    Your HuggerPRIMA can be your:

    • Post-Surgical Compression Binder
    • Post-Surgical Recovery Bra
    • Active Recovery Bra
    • Wire Free, Full Coverage Bra
    • Sports Bra
    • Targeted Compression Bra
    • Running Bra
    • Yoga Bra
    • And more…..we keep learning from you!
    • 1. In between sizes?

      HuggerPRIMA – Upsize to the nearest size.

      ie: 36 3/4 inches = size L

      HuggerVIDA – Downsize to the nearest size.

      ie: 36 3/4 inches = size M

      2. DD cup or higher?

      For the HuggerPRIMA, we recommend that you upsize one size for comfort and wearability or add an EXTENDER.

      With the 360° seamless knit mapped compression, you can still maintain good compression by upsizing and, most importantly, gain patient compliance with comfortability.

      3. Use an EXTENDER for flexibility 🙂

      Our patent-pending Extenders are made to easily zip into your Hugger to vary the compression & breathability instantly

      • accommodatefluctuatingcup/bodysizeor additional compression pads/bandages
      • allowfor24/7post-surgical& lymphedema comfort
      • allowyoutoeasilyadjustthe size and fit of the Hugger.


  • L&R Solaris ReadyWrap® Liners – Below Knee

    The L&R Solaris Below Knee Silver Liner is for use with the ReadyWrap Calf and Foot units. The liners fit a calf circumference up to 75cm. The product is antimicrobial
    and provides enhanced comfort and protection of your leg. The liners are one size fits all and are not returnable. They are sold in pairs.

  • Bioflect® FIR Therapy Lymphedema Micromassage Compression Capri Pants

    Designed to help alleviate the symptoms associated with conditions such as lymphedema, lipedema, and cellulite, our Bioflect® Infrared Therapy Micromassage Treatment capri leggings are made from a proprietary FIR therapy fabric, with everlasting earth minerals woven into the DNA of the fabric. The fabric reflects the body’s energy back to the body in the form of infrared, helping to boost slugglish circulation. Garments are woven with a 3D micromassaging ripple knit that further boosts circulation through diversified pressure points along the skin. Our lymphedema lipedema compression garments are powered by a combination of advanced micromassage knitting, compression technology , and FIR therapy material that retains its healing benefits for the lifetime of the garment. Garments are useful in lymphedema and lipedema management.FIR therapy provides the following benefits:

    • Improves blood circulation
    • Relieves pain caused by arthritis
    • Promotes regeneration and faster healing
    • Removes accumulated toxins build up
    • improves skin tone and reduces appearance of cellulite
    • Increases metabolism between blood and tissue
    • Reduces the accumulation of lactic acid after sporting activity

    All Bioflect® garments are bacteriostatic, keeping odors under control.
    *The Manufacturer charges a $6.95 restocking fee on all product returns.

  • Juzo Donning Gloves

    Latex free Juzo donning gloves make donning compression stockings much easier. They also protect the stocking from runs and snags.

    Sizing is based on your normal glove size.

    If you have small to medium size hands order a Small/Medium, most women would fall in this size.

    If you have larger size hands, order size Large/Extra-Large, men with larger hands would likely fit this size.

    Juzo donning gloves are made from 57% nylon and 43% nitrile.
    Latex free
    Sold in pairs
    Available in 4 sizes


    Juzo Donning Gloves

  • Sarah Compression Bra – Amoena

  • Medi Donning Gloves

    Medi donning gloves are made with textured fingers and palms to make the donning process much easier. They also protect your stockings from runs and snags. We recommend the medium size for women, and the large for men.

    • Gloves may be pink or yellow (the design is the same)
    Note: this product does contain natural rubber latex.
  • Juzo Detergent

    The Juzo Detergent for compression garments is environmentally friendly and is safe to use on all fine knits.
    -Environmentally Friendly
    -Suitable for all fine knits
    -Concentrated Formula


    Juzo Detergent

  • Juzo Slippie – Easy Pad


    This is a replacement pad for the Juzo Slippie Gator. This large rectangular pad provides a sticky, gripping surface that helps you get your stockings over your feet and up your leg. Using a toe-heel pushing method, you can work the heel of the garment in place on your foot.

    This pad can also be used to help get arm garments on as well. Pushing against the gripping pad helps move fabric up your arm.

    Approximately 14″ x 8-1/2″ (1/4″ thick). The Slippie Gator is sold separately.

  • Juzo Soft Arm Sleeves – Color Scheme Standard

    The softest of Juzo USA materials, this seamless, comfortable, medical compression arm sleeve helps to prevent or manage mild to moderate upper extremity lymphedema. This sleeve is almost unnoticeable when worn. Juzo Soft arm sleeves are considered the best off-the-shelf compression sleeves on the market. Juzo’s best selling armsleeve is available in 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg.

    As the name implies, Juzo Soft armsleeves are extremely soft against the skin, and elastic so they move as you do. A full beaded silicone top band is standard.

    Available in Max sizes for large upper arms, and in a Regular length only.  Due to the lower compression level, this sleeve will stretch to fit longer arms. Made of 73% polyamide and 27% elasthane in the USA.

    • Matching gauntlets are sold separately
    • Available in one length
    • Max sizes for large upper arms
  • Circaid Leg Undersleeve Liner

    CircAid UnderSleeve Liners are designed to be worn directly against the skin under compression garments for additional comfort. They are one size fits most. The liner is footless and available in two different fabrics, cotton and silver. The silver coated nylon blend acts as a natural antimicrobial. The UnderSleeve can fit up to an 80cm wide calf, and the product is sold as a pair. This product does not provide therapeutic compression.


    Circaid Leg Undersleeve Liner


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