• JOBST® JoViJacket Classic Lower Leg w/ Polartec Power Dry

    The Classic Lower Leg AD garment is for patients who have swelling in their lower leg(s) and feet because of lymphedema and/or chronic venous insufficiency. The sole of the foot of this garment extends to the tip of the longest toe, with the dorsum cut back at an angle to expose the toes, and ends at the distal knee. The foot length is proportional to the leg length and girth.

    The Classic Lower Leg AD garment (either Ready-to-Wear or Custom Made as appropriate) can be paired with a Hip Hugger or Boxer Capri for more complete coverage. This combination offers great flexibility, particularly when there is a significant disparity between upper and lower leg sizes.

    To order a Ready-to-Wear Classic Lower Leg AD garment, check to see if your patient fits into our standard size chart, found on the order form. Ready-to-Wear garments are often the most cost-effective solution if the patient’s measurements fall into the sizing parameters.

    These garments are available in our signature Polartec® Power Dry® fabric. Additionally, JoViJackets are available in Nylon & Spandex Powernet. JoViJackets are highly recommended to complete this two-part garment system – the additional compression is needed for maximum fit & effectiveness.

  • OptiFlow RM – Half (1/2) Leg – Ankle to Knee

    The OptiFlow RM product line brings gradient technology to ready-made, standard sizing. The upper extremity OptiFlow covers from the tips of the fingers to the axilla. The lower extremity unit covers from the ankle to the groin, or from the ankle to the knee in the half (1/2) length style. The product is lightweight, cooler and slimmer than the ReidSleeve, which is the custom compression garment made by Peninsula. The OptiFlow RM is designed to manage mild to moderate lymphedema.

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