• Lymphedema Foam & Padding

    Lymphedema Foam & Padding (24)

  • Juzo SoftCompress Pad – Malleo

    The Juzo SoftCompress Malleo pads cushion the Bisgaard (perimalleolar) region of the ankle. They provide a targeted increase in pressure and an ideal pressure distribution. The pads are delivered in pairs.


    • 100% cotton covering, great for sensitive skin
    • Core made from foam
    • Vertically-stitched foam channels
    • Machine wash
    • Saves time when applying bandaging
    • Makes self-bandaging easierJuzo ft
  • Lymph Flow Pressure Pad – Amoena

    • Silicone pad, rectangular (medical silicone, biocompatibility tested according to ISO 10993)
    • Textured surface encourages a light massage effect and supports the loosening of fibrous tissue, as well as a light massage of the scars
    • Ideal as an insert into the garment, increasing the pressure at the localized area of the edema
    • 100% medical silicone
    • Washable and re-usable, easy to clean for daily use, delivered with a cleanser set
    • 100 x 110 mm – one size, 2 pack
    • 90% Polydimethylsiloxan, 10% TPU
      Before first application and before each use the Lymph Pad should be cleaned with Amoena Cleanser and Soft Brush
    • Before first application and before each use the Lymph Pad should be cleaned with Amoena Cleanser and Soft Brush
  • Juzo Therapy Tape Roll

    More Freedom for Life’s Daily Activities
    Kinesiology Tape helps provide support & stability for muscles & joints without limiting range of motion. Juzo Therapy Tape can be combined with other therapies to maximize therapeutic support.
    • Therapeutic Support
    • Sticks through absolutely everything.
    • Water Resistant for 5-7 Day Use
    • Can be worn 24/7 to help you stay active & healthy. • A great alternative to heavy bandages.
    • Not made using natural rubber.


    Juzo Therapy Tape Roll

  • MediCare Washing Solution 16oz

    Medi Wash is specially designed to extend the life of your compression garments. It’s organic, biodegradable and can be used for hand or machine washing. By properly cleaning your compression garments daily, the compression fibers so crucial to maintaining the prescribed pressure are restored and the life of the garment is extended.

    Note: MediCare only qualifies for free shipping when purchased with stockings. If you wish to purchase ONLY MediCare, please choose a UPS shipping option.  We cannot ship Medicare outside the US via the US Postal Service.  All international orders must choose a UPS shipping option.

    • Hand or machine wash
    • Organic
    • Biodegradable
  • Solaris Sweet Spot Swell Spot Pad SP-19

    The Sweet Spot SP-19 relieves discomfort, pain, and pressure from perineum swelling, labia swelling, and/or vulvar varicosities.  Sweet Spot is the size and shape of a panty liner for maximum comfort.  It can be worn inside, over, or between two pair of underwear.  One side has a non-skid surface to prevent repositioning with normal movement.  Machine washable.

    • Approx. 7 cm x 14 cm
  • Solaris Breast Pad Swell Spot SP-09

    Designed specifically for swelling and fibrosis in the breast area after lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery.  Size Small accommodates A-B cup sizes size Medium accommodates C-D cup and size Large accommodates D-DD cup sizes.  The new sizing allows for swelling reduction.  Latex free. Made in the USA.NOTE: This item is non-returnable once worn.

    • Small: A-B cup
    • Medium: C-D cup
    • Large: D-DD cup
  • Juzo Hand Pressure Pad

    The Juzo Hand Pressure Pad can be inserted between the hand and a compression glove or between the hand and compression bandages to provide additional compression and optimal comfort. It is ideal in the treatment of lymphedema and other edemas.

    Easy to use

  • Solaris Circular Pad Swell Spot SP-06

    Designed by Maris Sobol, PT, CLT-LANA to address post-mastectomy fibrotic tissue on the chest wall, especially that which is due to radiation or surgical incision scarring.  Place a Sobol Swell Spot in a sports bra, to position and add compression.  Therapists report that the Sobol Spot is ideal for the hip, anterior-posterior knee, and the abdomen when used under bandages or compression garments.  Latex free.  Made in the USA.

    NOTE: This item is non-returnable once worn.

    • Small: Measures approx 18cm diameter
    • Large: Measures approx 22 cm diameter
  • Solaris Scrotum Swell Spot Pad SP-15-M

    The Scrotum Swell Spot features a tapered design to enhance comfort while wearing and lower abdominal coverage to direct fluid away from the genital area. This swell Spot may be worn inside or over underwear. The Scrotum Spot is designed to gently cradle the scrotum. This design accommodates scrotal circumference up to 27cm. Latex free. Made in the USA.

    NOTE: This item is non-returnable once worn.

    • Measures approx 30cm x 50cm
  • Solaris Lateral Bra Swell Spot SP-16-A

    Designed to tuck inside compression bra pockets or any regular bra to reduce scarring and protect delicate areas from bra chest strap pressures.

  • Solaris Reynolds Swell Spot SP-12

    The Reynolds Swell Spot is used to treat swelling in the head and neck.  The foam swell spot is attached to the strap with velcro, so it can easily be moved and adjusted to specifically target swelling.

    Compliance is high and results are very positive when compared to balaclava style (full head/neck) compression.

    • Pad Size: approx 16.5 cm x 7.5 cm
    • NOTE: This item is non-returnable once worn.


  • Solaris Full Bra Pad Swell Spot SP-16-B

    The Breast Swell Spot helps reduce swelling and fibrosis in the breast area after a lumpectomy, or reconstructive surgery.  It can be used in a most of the compression bras, or tucked into the front of a sports bra.  Available in three sizes.

    • Small: A-B cup
    • Medium: B-C cup
    • Large: C-D cup

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