How to care for your Compression Garments!

When you receive your garments, the manufacturer includes instructions for the care of the garment. The best practice is to follow those instructions closely. By doing so, you will increase the durability, longevity and functionality of your garments. In all circumstances, the manufacturer recommends no bleach, fabric softeners, or ironing. Machine washing and drying varies from product to product. Some products require hand washing and air drying. Failure to follow the care instructions can effect the compression consistency of inelastic products over time. In some instances hooks, fasteners and velcro should be removed before care and cleaning. As a general rule, most compression products have a useful life expectancy of 6 months. After six months they begin to lose the compression consistency that makes them so useful in the treatment of lymphedema and related diseases. For this reason, many people order two (2) products, wearing one while the other is in the laundry. As a general rule of thumb:

  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.
  2. Avoid bleach, fabric softeners and ironing.
  3. Hand wash and air dry when instructed.
  4. Replace when recommended (about every 6 months).

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