• Medi Plus Thigh High – No Silicone Band

    Medi Plus thigh highs are made from soft and comfortable Medi-Silk yarns, which provide for easier application and wearing comfort. The opaque fabric conceals blemishes, varicose veins, and scarring. This thigh high does not have silicone top-band, so a garter belt or skin glue will need to be used to keep it in place. Available in regular and petite lengths with an open toe. Mediven combines advanced computer knitting with 14 sizes to give you a close to custom fit.

    Open toe only
    Available with and without a silicone top-band
    Regular and petite lengths
    40-50mmHg should only be worn when specifically prescribed by your doctor

    This stocking provides 40-50mmHg of gradient compression, and is used to treat severe edema (swelling), and severe varicosities. Woven from 63% nylon and 37% spandex in the USA.

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