• Plus Thigh High w/Waist Attachment

    Mediven Plus thigh high with waist attachment is perfect for individuals that can’t wear, or don’t like a silicone grip-top. The waist band keeps the stocking firmly in place. Medi Plus stockings are made from soft and comfortable Medi-Silk yarns, which provide easier application and wearing comfort. Because the stocking is opaque, it conceals blemishes varicose veins and scarring.

    This 40-50mmHg stocking is used to treat severe edema (swelling), and severe varicosities. Only available in open toe.  This compression should only be worn under a doctors supervision.

    Woven from 63% nylon and 37% spandex in the USA.
    Open and closed toe
    Regular and petite lengths

    20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg, 40-50mmHg

    Adjustable waist band
    Choose right or left leg
    This compression should only be worn under a doctors supervision

  • Juzo Dynamic 3513 Thigh High 40-50mmHg w/Hip Attachment

    This is the work horse in the Juzo line of compression knee highs.  Varin/Dynamic offers the highest containment of any circular knit fabric.  If you suffer from moderate to severe edema, lighter weight fabrics can cut into the flesh, causing rings and folds.  This is much less likely to happen with Varin.

    Available with an open toe.  75% Polyamide, 25% Lycra.  Made in USA.

    • Open  toe
    • Open toe comes with a foot slippie
    • Regular and short Lengths

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