• Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton Socks for Men 15-20mmHg

    Sea Island Cotton socks are made with the worlds rarest cotton, ensuring a luxurious feel that is as soft a cashmere.

    • –  Knitted with the world‘s rarest cotton for a soft, luxurious feel
    • –  Ideal for sensitive skin
    • –  Double-covered inlay yarns provide comfort and allow product to easily glide on and offFiber Content
      • –  43% Sea Island Cotton, 39% Nylon, 11% Spandex 7% Supima Cotton
      • –  Non-latexBest Suited for
      • –  Management of symptoms related to chronic venous disease
      • –  Patients who prefer natural fibers for everyday wear
      • –  Long-distance travel
  • Jobst SoftFit Opaque Women Knee High Socks 15-20mmHg

    The innovative Jobst SoftFit technology keeps socks firmly and comfortably in place all day long without the tight squeeze of a silicone top band.  SoftFit technology incorporates soft silicone yarns into the top-band of the stocking. These yarns, which are actually woven into the top band, gently adhere to your leg with less tension than a traditional sticky silicone top-band.

    Jobst Opaque knee highs for men or women are made from smooth soft breathable fabric and are available in regular length with an open or closed toe. The exceptionally soft yarns make this sock very easy to apply.  A reciprocated and reinforced heel makes them very durable and comfortable. This 15-20 mmHg compression level helps improve blood flow prevent minor ankle leg and foot swelling and reduce the discomfort caused by minor varicose and spider vein

    • Stocking knit from 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex. SoftFit Top Band knit from 75% Nylon, 21% Spandex, and 4% Silicone.
    •  Machine wash in a mesh laundry bag or hand wash with warm water using a mild soap or detergent designed for compression stockings. Hang or lay flat to air dry.
  • Medi Comfort Knee High Socks – Closed Toe 20-30mmHg

    Using the latest 3-D knitting technology and microfiber yarns, Medi has created a luxuriously soft and comfortable stocking. Their patented Climafresh system adds an anti-microbial feature to prevent the formation of odors. Clima-Comfort technology allows for high fabric breathability, which means you stay cool. To top it all off, Comfort support hosiery can be machine washed and dried.

    • Closed toe
    • Regular and petite lengths
    • Wide comfortable top band is 1.25″ wide
    • Reinforced heel and toe
    • Machine wash and dry
    • Made in the USA from 63% polyamide and 37% elasthane.

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