• Sarah Compression Bra – Amoena

  • Juzo Soft Arm Sleeves – Color Scheme Standard

    The softest of Juzo USA materials, this seamless, comfortable, medical compression arm sleeve helps to prevent or manage mild to moderate upper extremity lymphedema. This sleeve is almost unnoticeable when worn. Juzo Soft arm sleeves are considered the best off-the-shelf compression sleeves on the market. Juzo’s best selling armsleeve is available in 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg.

    As the name implies, Juzo Soft armsleeves are extremely soft against the skin, and elastic so they move as you do. A full beaded silicone top band is standard.

    Available in Max sizes for large upper arms, and in a Regular length only.  Due to the lower compression level, this sleeve will stretch to fit longer arms. Made of 73% polyamide and 27% elasthane in the USA.

    • Matching gauntlets are sold separately
    • Available in one length
    • Max sizes for large upper arms
  • Sigvaris CompreFlex Standard, Complete and Transition Below Knee Wraps

    The BiaCare CompreFLEX Below the Knee is a great garment for people who have trouble donning high compression stockings. The product is designed for people with mild to moderate lymphedema. A built-in elastic strap hods the garment in place while the velcro straps are being adjusted. The product is adjustable for 20-50 mmHg active compression. A set of ACCUTAB devices allows the compression to be set accurately. This garment is appropriate for daytime wear only, and can be worn under most clothing.
    The product package includes a pair of basic silver liners, which can accommodate calves up to 64cm. The silver technology is naturally anti-bacterial. The product comes in five sizes and two lengths, and can be combined with the CompreFlex Thigh for full leg coverage. This item does not contain the CompreBoot, which is sold separately.

    Product Video

  • Sigvaris Compreflex Transition Calf Wrap

    The Sigvaris Compreflex Transition Calf Wrap is an easy to don alternative to traditional compression stockings. The compression levels are adjustable and the product is designed for people with mild to moderate lymphedema. The garment slides over the foot onto the lower leg and has four straps to secure it around the leg.The product contains a set of ACCUTAB devices to accurately set compression between 20 and 50 mmHg. The product comes in five (5) sizes and two (2) lengths. Each purchase includes 1 CompreFLEX LITE Below the Knee Wrap and 2 Transition Liners that provide 15 mmHg compression from the base of toes to the ankle) with no calf compression.

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  • FarrowWrap BASIC Legpiece

    The FarrowWrap BASIC Legpiece provides 30-40mmHg compression and is easy to apply and remove.The product can accommodate fluctuations in swelling and is durable and comfortable. It can be combined with the FarrowWrap BASIC Footpiece. The product package includes a Hybrid Compression Sock, which provides compression to the foot, only. The product comes in two lengths and five sizes.

  • Juzo Compression Foot Wrap

    The Juzo Foot Wrap applies dynamic working compression to the foot and ankle. It is an easy to apply velcro wrap with pull tabs to aid in application. It is reversible and can be worn as either beige or black depending on your style.

    The product package includes: 1 Ankle Wrap (reversible beige or black), 1 Cotton Liner and 4 hook fasteners.

    Size Chart For Juzo® Compression Foot Wrap

    Care and Application for Juzo Compression Wrap Foot Segment

  • Juzo Compression Leg Wrap

    The Juzo Compression Calf Wrap is a reversible product, so you can wear it as either beige or black, depending on your style. The wrap is designed for people with mild to moderate venous insufficiency. It is easy to apply and can serve as a substitute for short stretch banding or traditional compression socks. This product can be worn with the Juzo Compression Foot Wrap.

    The package includes: 1 Reversible Compression Wrap, 1 Cotton Liner, 4 Hook fasteners, and 2 Anklets (one beige and one black). This product can be worn overnight, if required, and has a compression range of 30-60 mmHg.

    Juzo Compression Calf Wrap Laundry Instructions

    Juzo Compression Calf Wrap Size Chart

    Juzo Compression Calf Wrap

    Juzo Compression Leg Wrap

  • Laine Top CuraLymph Comfort – Amoena

  • JOBST® JoViJacket Classic Lower Leg w/ Nylon & Spandex Powernet

    A Ready-to-Wear Classic Lower Leg AD JoViJacket is recommended for the Classic Lower Leg AD garment. The additional compression provided by this item is needed for maximum fit & effectiveness and complete the design of this two-part garment system.

    Made of Nylon & Spandex Powernet.

  • JOBST® JoViJacket Classic Lower Leg w/ Polartec Power Dry

    The Classic Lower Leg AD garment is for patients who have swelling in their lower leg(s) and feet because of lymphedema and/or chronic venous insufficiency. The sole of the foot of this garment extends to the tip of the longest toe, with the dorsum cut back at an angle to expose the toes, and ends at the distal knee. The foot length is proportional to the leg length and girth.

    The Classic Lower Leg AD garment (either Ready-to-Wear or Custom Made as appropriate) can be paired with a Hip Hugger or Boxer Capri for more complete coverage. This combination offers great flexibility, particularly when there is a significant disparity between upper and lower leg sizes.

    To order a Ready-to-Wear Classic Lower Leg AD garment, check to see if your patient fits into our standard size chart, found on the order form. Ready-to-Wear garments are often the most cost-effective solution if the patient’s measurements fall into the sizing parameters.

    These garments are available in our signature Polartec® Power Dry® fabric. Additionally, JoViJackets are available in Nylon & Spandex Powernet. JoViJackets are highly recommended to complete this two-part garment system – the additional compression is needed for maximum fit & effectiveness.

  • Jobst FarrowWrap BASIC Footpiece

    The Farrow BASIC Footpiece provides an economical 30-40mmHg compression for treatment of swelling caused by lymphedema or other venous disorders. It has removable velcro enclosures, which allows it to be used on either foot. It is easy to don and remove and can accommodate fluctuations in swelling. This product comes in two lengths and five sizes.

  • Sigvaris/Biacare CompreFLEX Knee Wrap

    The BiaCare CompreFLEX Knee wrap provides 20-5-mmHg compression gradient to help manage lymphedema, chronic venous disease or wounds. The compression straps are easy to reach because they wrap around the front of the knee. An inner stretch panel makes the garment simple for donning and doffing. This product is available in beige or black and can be combined with the CompreFLEX Thigh, Below Knee and Boot for complete leg coverage.

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