• Juzo SoftCompress Elbow Pad

    This soft, durable liner is designed specifically to cushion and soften the area at the bend of the elbow joint. Juzo SoftCompress liners are often worn under short-stretch bandages, wraps and compression garments to provide additional compression and cushioning. This liner is designed specifically to promote lymph drainage and prevent soft tissue fibrosis. Vertically stitched foam channels create differences in pressure to effectively move fluid.

    This measures 10 x 13 cm.

    This product will leave visible markings on your skin after it has been removed.

    Covered with 100% cotton which is great for sensitive skin
    Machine washable
    Core made from foam
    Saves time when applying bandaging and makes self-bandaging easier
    If you have any open wounds in the region, the wound area must first be covered with a suitable wound dressing before applying the Juzo padding.

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