• Mediven For Men Select Socks

    Mediven for Men is the first support sock with anatomically-correct left and right feet. Like your toes, the toe box of the sock is angled for a more comfortable fit. An L or R is embroidered on the top of each sock. Medi for Men also features 100% natural lanolin. This new skin-conditioning bio-textile provides the medical benefits, and all day comfort you deserve.

    Business or casual Mediven for Men’s modern rib design will coordinate with everything in your closet. The perfect fit for men who need medical grade compression.
    77% Polyamide 23% Elasthane

    Standard and wide Calf

    Machine wash and dry
    Large comfi-foot
    Reinforced heel and toe
    Anatomically-correct feet


    Mediven For Men Select Socks


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