• Jobst FarrowWrap STRONG Footpiece

    The FarrowWrap STRONG Footpiece is designed to offer 30-40mmHg compression for treatment of moderate to severe lymphedema and other swelling disorders. The product has long ankle bands that wrap around the forefoot and ankle to apply compression where needed. It is easy to apply and remove, and can accommodate changes in swelling. A Liner, which is sold separately, should be worn with this wrap.

  • Jobst FarrowWrap® LITE Hand Gauntlet

    The FarrowWrap LITE Hand Gauntlet is designed for mild to moderate Lymphedema and other swelling disorders to the hand. The product includes a 4mm and 8mm foam square insert which can be applied to the top of the hand to reduce swelling. The product offers 20-30mmHg compression. It is designed to be worn on either the right or left hand and can be adjusted with velcro fasteners. This product can be paired with the Farrow Microfine glove. The Hand Gauntlet comes in four (4) sizes.

  • Jobst FarrowWrap BASIC Footpiece

    The Farrow BASIC Footpiece provides an economical 30-40mmHg compression for treatment of swelling caused by lymphedema or other venous disorders. It has removable velcro enclosures, which allows it to be used on either foot. It is easy to don and remove and can accommodate fluctuations in swelling. This product comes in two lengths and five sizes.

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