Opaque PETITE Thigh Highs 15-20mmhg


Jobst Opaque thigh highs are made from smooth, soft, breathable fabric. Petite length is designed to fit a leg length of 27″ or less (from floor to crease of buttocks) and is available with an open or closed toe. A comfortable silicone dot top band keeps stockings firmly in place.

This stocking provides 15-20mmHg of gradient compression and helps improve blood flow, prevent minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling, and reduce the discomfort caused by minor varicose or spider veins. This compression level is ideal for wearing on long flights or automobile trips, and for people who spend time on their feet. Woven from 74% nylon 15% spandex and 11% silicone in Mexico.

  • Extremely soft breathable and easy to don
  • Silicone dot band is comfortable and keeps stockings firmly in place
  • Open or closed toe
  • Machine wash in a mesh laundry bag or hand wash with warm water using a mild soap or detergent designed for compression stockings. Hang or lay flat to air dry

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S, M, L, XL



Toe Type

Close Toe, Open Toe


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